>>First Publication.

Me and the boys at CRABWOLF have received our first publication! The Irish Fashion supplement, Limehouse Magazine. We where given a quote, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars " Oscar Wilde, and thus being the result. The people over a t Limehouse Magazine where so chuffed with it, they've asked us to do another cover for the next issue!




>>Portrait. Sideshow EMP 2009.

>>The Injured Body. Sideshow EMP 2009.

The Injured Body tries to highlight the factor of deformities due to accidents and incidents. It comments on the relationship of a figure of heroism and the true reception they may receive. These images I want to leave open to interpretation, to challenge the observer to reach a personal conclusion of the images intent.

>>One more. Sideshow EMP 2009.

>>Others. Sideshow EMP 2009

The fundamental intention of my FMP was to explore the relationship between an image and its audience within the context of 'Freak Shows'.
Entitled "Sideshow" the intention of the series of images is to highlight the curiosity felt by the audience of a 'freak' exhibit.
I wanted the reader to feel a sense of segregation, becoming aware of the unjust victimization of these human oddities as 'monsters', yet still realizing how the attraction of curiosity is natural and hard to overcome.
In modern society, an audience paying to see a freak show is virtually nonexistent, due to the protective policy of Human Rights. However in current times there is evidence to show that the freak show has been repackaged and sold back to the public in the form of 'Shock Docs'.
These documentaries can be seen as informative and scientific, however the recent rise in the number of these popular programs suggests a market of exploitation, echoing the original Freak Show's of a bygone era.


>>Tattoo designs. Sideshow EMP 2009.

>>Sideshow. Conjoined Twins. EMP 2009.

>>Sideshow EMP 2009

Handed in aaaaaalllll of my EMP not so long ago. To be honest, i rather enjoyed doing it, well nice to be free though. Here is part of me proposal....

The physically handicapped, whether conscious to us or not, despite positions on modern politics and science are still victimized within our modern society. Every day they may succumb to people staring at them in the street. Creating a void, alienating them to the rest of the world. Segregating their every chance of leading a ‘normal’ life. It is this void that that is constantly trying to be improved within our contemporary world, however still exists through us being only human. Curiosity of the different is hard to overcome.

Society, especially in the past, has engaged itself in prejudice and deliberate alienation, in turn for public gain. ‘Freak Shows’ are considered ‘freak’ exhibits of nature, they are seen as forms of entertainment and performances that shock paying audiences. Exhibitions of human oddities date back as far as the early 1600s. Victorian and ‘Freak Shows’ of the 1900s – 1950s were abundant forms of family entertainment and associated with carnivals and circuses. They were, in the language of the day, sideshow freaks, oddities of birth that were an attraction for millions who were prepared to pay admission to gaze upon these extraordinary exhibits.

Through modern science and political views and rights, the original ‘Freak Shows’ seem to have nearly disappeared from societies stage, shifting from a highly popular and profitable form of entertainment to a reviled one. Viewed as dehumanizing and cruel within the 21st Century, extra-ordinary and unique human oddity cases are still displayed to the public. It is this rebirth or repackaging of the freak show I wish bring to light.

Through drawing upon Victorian and Sideshow text cases and art work of these times I intend to produce a collection of imagery, that would reconstruct and mimic an original freak show. However I would like the observer to realize my intentions of highlighting the suffering and intense complications of these exhibits, forcing the observer to assess their position with regards to this topic.

Throughout the project I would like to produce a body of work that is thorough in expressing the projects intentions. The presentation of the collected imagery should refer to or even echo the concept and content of the illustrations I have produced. Continuously informing the observer of the conscious or unconscious discriminating segregation.

I also intend to explore the possibilities of varied techniques in producing imagery, for example, etching, photography, laser cutting. All techniques will be noted within in my learning log book/sketchbook. The presentation of the collected imagery should refer to or even echo the concept and content of the illustrations I have produced. Continuously informing the observer of the conscious or unconscious discriminating segregation.

>>Chien Schuanz.

How bloody lovely are fanzines. Selina & I have decided to make a series of fanzines under the name 'CHIEN SCHUANZ'. Half French and half German, the translation?ill leave that up to you to find out for homework!

The purpose of Chien Schuanz, firstly is to create a magazine that promotes local and up coming talent in and around Bournemouth's art scene. Any one can apply and send in their work, just as long it can be photocopied! Secondly it neatly ties in with the last project within our degree, EE&E. Promoting not just other Illustrators bout ourselves to a large scale audience, selling the zines at one-pand-a-pop at the monthly ISHIHARA, BEAT REDEMPTION and also our monthly night.

If anyone fancies a copy just get in touch and i'm sure me & selina can sort you something out.

>>From the project HYSTERIA

Mechanical & coloured pencils.
The three images above all originally sized to A1/A0, intend to portray the process and journey of hysteria. The thick, twining bulk of hair symbolises that exact pathway to insanity.

>>ALSO this work was exhibited at ISHIHARA. The monthly Arts exhibition at 60Million Postcards, Bournemouth.


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