>>T-shirt designs.

I have recently printed these designs as postcards, posters and t-shirts.

Also with these designs i intend submit to Dazed & Confused Free Range competition.Themed "MOMENTS".


>>Limehouse Magazine //2

The second edition of Ireland's fashion/art must have magazine, LIMEHOUSE, have asked the boys at CRABWOLF and I to create their next awaited edition!Given the brief "copy cats" me and crabwolf set to work, thus being the end product!


>>The Birth of Feminism.

Image two in a series of five.


>>The Birth of Feminism.

As of recent i have begun a series of images that illustrate a metaphorical 'moment' depicting the beginning of Feminism. Intending to illustrate the dramatic effects on politics and society thus changing world societies/views forever.

//This particular image I have been currently screen printing. I am hopeful to produce another two prints this week!So keep your hats on!

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