>>Chien Schuanz.

How bloody lovely are fanzines. Selina & I have decided to make a series of fanzines under the name 'CHIEN SCHUANZ'. Half French and half German, the translation?ill leave that up to you to find out for homework!

The purpose of Chien Schuanz, firstly is to create a magazine that promotes local and up coming talent in and around Bournemouth's art scene. Any one can apply and send in their work, just as long it can be photocopied! Secondly it neatly ties in with the last project within our degree, EE&E. Promoting not just other Illustrators bout ourselves to a large scale audience, selling the zines at one-pand-a-pop at the monthly ISHIHARA, BEAT REDEMPTION and also our monthly night.

If anyone fancies a copy just get in touch and i'm sure me & selina can sort you something out.

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