>>Others. Sideshow EMP 2009

The fundamental intention of my FMP was to explore the relationship between an image and its audience within the context of 'Freak Shows'.
Entitled "Sideshow" the intention of the series of images is to highlight the curiosity felt by the audience of a 'freak' exhibit.
I wanted the reader to feel a sense of segregation, becoming aware of the unjust victimization of these human oddities as 'monsters', yet still realizing how the attraction of curiosity is natural and hard to overcome.
In modern society, an audience paying to see a freak show is virtually nonexistent, due to the protective policy of Human Rights. However in current times there is evidence to show that the freak show has been repackaged and sold back to the public in the form of 'Shock Docs'.
These documentaries can be seen as informative and scientific, however the recent rise in the number of these popular programs suggests a market of exploitation, echoing the original Freak Show's of a bygone era.

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