A Series of drawings.

These series of drawings have also been used to promote the event Big in Japan.


>>Crabwolf feature in Dirt Cheap Magazine.

>>Crabwolf have some featured work in the latest issue of Dirty Cheap Magazine. Its available as a PDF download---so it don't cost you a penny!



>> Illustration in .Cent Magazine Autumn/Winter 2009 Edition.

>>An illustration for the poem 'Not Waving but Drowning'.



>>Feature on FormFiftyFive.com



>>The Worlds Hardest Man blog.

>>Here is my input for the WORLDS HARDEST MAN blog. Check it out for more uncaring, insensitive, garish hunks.


>>'Crabwolf Presents Live Art at the Queen of Hoxton' advertised on the TOPSHOP blog.

>> http://insideout.topshop.com/blog/2009/08/crabwolf.html

>>Crabwolf: Live Art Event at the Queen of the Hoxton.

>> Friday the 14th! Live Art Event at the Queen of Hoxton Presented by Crabwolf!

>> http://www.thequeenofhoxton.co.uk/

>>'Daniel Almeroth' featured in Beautiful/Decay.


>>Eye Candy.

>>Submitted to Limehouse Magazine Eye Candy Section.



>>Website up and running!

>>Have a butchers! Hope you like it, a special thanks to workage helping me through the dark times!


>>Concept Art Wig Magazine.

The people over at Wig Magazine, have asked me to do some come concept work for them. The brief given was "football", I recieved articles that would be in the magazine to get the initial feel of their product and find the right path to go down.

They seemed happy enough!



>>Interview with Amelia's Magazine.

An interview with Amelia's Magazine!Click on the link below to read more!



>>Entry To Dazed & Confused Free Range Competition, "The Birth of Feminism".

"The Birth of Feminism", depicts moments of metaphorical and symbolical events before and after this dramatic political movement.
The point of the series is to highlight the tight control Men had over Women throughout our past; through religion, marriage and general social attitudes. I wanted to show a time frame of pinnacle oppression (the last image) to the symbolic war (the first image), illustrating women of the past and their ambition to be equals and the challenges they faced along the way.



>>Sideshow Newspaper.

Images of laser-cutting experiments. For the Sideshow newspaper.

>>Three Blind Mice.

Previous posters/flyers that Will & I made for the Three Blind Mice bar in Shoreditch, London.

Check them out for their great live music events, good rum and friendly staff!




Exhibited at the 9th out of 10th monthly Ishihara exhibition.


>>Body Builders.

Image from my FMP 'Sideshow'.


>>Here is a Biggun.

>>Screen prints For Sale.

Some examples of recent screen printing. These designs are available in A4/A1 posters and t-shirts/jumpers! Get in contact with me if your interested in purchasing some!

In addition, I will be selling them at the last Ishihara [2nd JULY] at 60 Million Postcards.


>>T-shirt designs.

I have recently printed these designs as postcards, posters and t-shirts.

Also with these designs i intend submit to Dazed & Confused Free Range competition.Themed "MOMENTS".


>>Limehouse Magazine //2

The second edition of Ireland's fashion/art must have magazine, LIMEHOUSE, have asked the boys at CRABWOLF and I to create their next awaited edition!Given the brief "copy cats" me and crabwolf set to work, thus being the end product!


>>The Birth of Feminism.

Image two in a series of five.


>>The Birth of Feminism.

As of recent i have begun a series of images that illustrate a metaphorical 'moment' depicting the beginning of Feminism. Intending to illustrate the dramatic effects on politics and society thus changing world societies/views forever.

//This particular image I have been currently screen printing. I am hopeful to produce another two prints this week!So keep your hats on!


>>First Publication.

Me and the boys at CRABWOLF have received our first publication! The Irish Fashion supplement, Limehouse Magazine. We where given a quote, "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars " Oscar Wilde, and thus being the result. The people over a t Limehouse Magazine where so chuffed with it, they've asked us to do another cover for the next issue!




>>Portrait. Sideshow EMP 2009.

>>The Injured Body. Sideshow EMP 2009.

The Injured Body tries to highlight the factor of deformities due to accidents and incidents. It comments on the relationship of a figure of heroism and the true reception they may receive. These images I want to leave open to interpretation, to challenge the observer to reach a personal conclusion of the images intent.

>>One more. Sideshow EMP 2009.

>>Others. Sideshow EMP 2009

The fundamental intention of my FMP was to explore the relationship between an image and its audience within the context of 'Freak Shows'.
Entitled "Sideshow" the intention of the series of images is to highlight the curiosity felt by the audience of a 'freak' exhibit.
I wanted the reader to feel a sense of segregation, becoming aware of the unjust victimization of these human oddities as 'monsters', yet still realizing how the attraction of curiosity is natural and hard to overcome.
In modern society, an audience paying to see a freak show is virtually nonexistent, due to the protective policy of Human Rights. However in current times there is evidence to show that the freak show has been repackaged and sold back to the public in the form of 'Shock Docs'.
These documentaries can be seen as informative and scientific, however the recent rise in the number of these popular programs suggests a market of exploitation, echoing the original Freak Show's of a bygone era.

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